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    The human becoming can 'know about' lots of factors, but can fully grasp only 1 issue  itself. Understanding is major, immediate, undivided, where as realizing, which is a thought course of action is secondary and via thought we can in no way capture the actual, that which is believed about. In understanding oneself there is no division among oneself and understanding. You realize yourself as only you can. And only you can simply because only you are you.

    To analyse or 'think about' your self is by its very nature and effect, 'a state' of selfignorance. To know oneself is immediate. To know 'about' yourself is secondary, a state after removed from oneself.

    It is only by pondering about yourself in truth that you drop touch with the actual felt sense of yourself as you are, which vibrates or pulses all through each and every cell producing up you. When you are at odds with how you are you have already entered into believed reaction 'about' you. The thought reaction takes kind as suppression, denial, condemnation and avoidance of the truth of oneself and then you have selfignorance. From this all religion, psychology and any other off shoots in the numerous forms of selfdiscoveries are born.

    As you pick out to deny, stay clear of, suppress, and condemn aspects of oneself you for that reason decide on 'self ignorance' imposing this upon your self by considering about oneself.

    The massively destructive oversight of all 'self thinkers' and 'noself thinkers' (Buddhist and so on) is that thought is a function or instrument limited to contemplating and understanding about (but under no circumstances actually fully grasp) all that 'is not' you. But it is not a function for understanding yourself. And when utilized to comprehend your self it can only outcome in misunderstanding, in selfignorance.

    You cannot make believed attain anything it is not capable of doing. It is not the tool for understanding yourself Nike Blazer or something else. It is the tool for estimations about factors outdoors your self or issues 'about' yourself so that you can get by and function adequately in the world.

    If pondering is not the tool for selfunderstanding then what is?

    There is not a single because there is no need to have for 1. For there is not anything to comprehend  you are yourself. For that reason you are the only 'thing', only creature and only substance in existence, which you can't not fully grasp.

    But through indulging in the complexities of pondering you/we are in a position to avoid and deny something and render ourselves oblivious to anything of ourself, which we wish to. By fabricating complicated thought patterns of denial and avoidance and being busy in the preoccupations of such considering we generate a delusional option expertise, parallel to but oblivious to the true a single of ourselves as we definitely are.

    The con inside all schools of selfdiscovery.

    To further strengthen our selfdelusion of not figuring out (what in fact we can not not know) ourselves, we produce complex structures of believed, (based on the premise we do not know ourselves and thus must search for ourselves) such as psychology and other religions and philosophies with the sole aim of discovering or understanding or enlightening ourselves 'to ourselves' (or nonselves). Cleverly disguised and permeating via all this is the presumption and in truth Nike Blazer the suggestion that it is attainable 'not to', thus additional presuming and suggesting we can be separated from ourselves, which of course is nonsense for there is only 1 of us. The well-known nonsensical fools question 'who am I' suggests: there are two of me. This query is a trick dividing you from the obvious sense of oneself into and concept of oneself, which is no much more then the activity of thought, creating up the question itself.

    Then taking it one step further and backing up this very first con, there is that 'massive' con that realizing oneself is both uncommon and a privilege. It is a watertight con. Thereby you lose touch with your sense of self, which is there in what ever truth of oneself you deny and prevent. Never do that, all those people today are phonies. The proof of this is that the bases of exactly where they are coming from is that you can not know yourself and then by 'thinking about' oneself 'their way' you may perhaps, just could, if you are extremely particular 'know yourself' or heal your self as if getting yourself as you are is a illness.

    That the premise of those specialists extremely existence is based on that confusion and ignorance shows they are in truth the loonies who presume 'not understanding or knowing' yourself is truly probable and that you are diseased as you are.

    Typical, be sincere now just for a moment notice this. How does it really feel to you to be you? Yes inside and all via you, how does it feel, what is it like in there. If you say 'I don't Nike Blazer know', you are only saying 'I don't know how to place it into words'. So neglect words. Prior to words come into it what's it like to be you. Don't inform me sense it in the pulsating throbbing body of life you are.

    Not what you 'think' you are  that'll be bullshit for you have been taught to believe that by others who want you to feel that way  thus they are not even your personal thoughts. So ignore them and sense the existence of this living organism of you.

    Now the only trouble you have Basket Jordan left is, not liking it. Not liking how it feels to be you. But that doesn't alter the reality that it is still you, the living breathing considering organism, that's it you have no escape. It really is not what you expected  it would be to know yourself, but that is it.
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